Posted by: eshne | June 20, 2008

Lena Headey Appreciation Society

Lena Headey close up

I must apologise for my slap dash approach to this blog.  I haven’t posted for a while but in spite of my lacksidasical attitude, my post on Lena Headey rocking my socks has continued to pull in the punters.  I wonder if Lena Headey is aware of the power she has over so many helpless men and women? 🙂  Last time I visited a page about her there was a Google advert alongside the article about “cheating husbands and wives.”  Maybe she is the kind of woman to tempt any stable couple out of monogamy?

If you want to dope yourself to the hilt with images of sexy Lena Headey in tank top pose, strutting her kinky heels or wrapped tight in PVC then no-one can compete with the wonderous Dorothy Surrender’s collection of visually stunning Lena Headey -centric posts.

Lena Headey is a big ‘ole lesbian tease there is no denying it.  She happily plays lesbian roles, luxuriates in tank top attire and has a pout worthy of any Angelina Jolie competition.  Maybe she has been briefed by her agent to appear sexually ambiguous so to appeal to a wider spectrum of Lena lovers.  Or is that just the cynic inside me?  I have to admit that deep down I secretly hope Headey is just paving the way to a long life of public lady love – she’s just playing her cards close to her chest right now.   Right? Hmmm.  A girl can but dream.  ( I sure would like her to accidentally corrupt me.)

Feel free to express your appreciation of the lovely Lena Headey here – you are in good company!




  1. Eshne….I had a look at those photos….God all mighty…You’re quite right!!!

  2. Did you read the new interview with her? SOoOOO yummy.

  3. Read the interview – thanks for the tip! Do you know anything more about the movie she has just written and directed? Is there no bound to this girl’s talent? 🙂

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