Posted by: eshne | April 30, 2008

Lesbian Socks – Am I Missing Something?

I’m always intrigued as to how people end up at my blog, but “Lesbian Socks” – one of today’s search terms has me baffled. Firstly I reckon whoever typed in “lesbian socks” ended up on my site because of the combined power of my Lena Headey rocks my socks post and general posts about lesbian lifestyle. What I do not understand is what that certain person was hoping to find with the search “lesbian socks.” What are lesbian socks? To find out more I did some searching myself, and this is what I found.lesbian socks

1. A link to a list of books on how to knit socks within the Gay & Lesbian category on Amazon (do Gay and Lesbian folk require specific sock patterns?!)

2. A definition of a tube sock lesbian on Urban Dictionary. Quote: A tube sock lesbian is an unatractive lesbian that is very butch. Often seen wearing colored stripped tube socks, walks their wallet on a chain and often has side burns. (Can anyone tell me if this is true?)

3. A video of two socks fashioned into female faces making out to a soundtrack of giggly teenage girls.

None of which really satisfied my quest for clarity. I had hoped that lesbian socks were the focus of a new kind of unusual fetish, similar to feet fetish (as experienced first hand by Miss Curly McDimple) but more hygienic….hmmmm. If you can help me solve this puzzle I’d be grateful for your help! E x



  1. Well. The socks in the picture are very similar to the ones I use. I do not know if those are lesbian socks or they become so because I use them.
    Anyway loved your train of thought. I’ll try to investigate myself on the issue.
    Your blog is really coming out great!

  2. LOL!!! I have been baffled by some of the “search terms” that have led people to my blog also. Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. I’ve had even more people arrive at my site using that term now! hee hee. Hopefully someone will clarify things for me soon. ps. What’s the url of your blog, would love a read.

  4. Haha, well…. let me have an honest moment here with you… sometimes I do wear tube socks (hey, Boston is cold!), I do identify as butch, and I’m really jealous that guys have sideburns… and consequently my hair is kind of cut/styled in a way that it sorta kinda has what queermo’s would call… lesbian sideburns!

  5. But then does that mean that you “being a lesbian” whilst wearing socks makes them into “lesbian socks”? And if a straight person wore them would they turn back into just plain socks? There could be be a whole world of lesbian knickers, lesbian trousers, lesbian bras etc that I’m completely oblivious to!

  6. I actually typed in “lesbian short socks,” so I don’t know if that helps your question.

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