Posted by: eshne | April 16, 2008

Oil Paintings Of Beautiful Women By Misti Pavlov

These paintings of beautiful women by Misti Pavlov are stunning. I love the realism of the female form pressed up against the abstraction of flowers or pattern. I was surfing Google Images and I came across them on Robin’s InkCharmed blog – so thank you Robin for helping me find these beautiful pictures by Misti Pavlov!

Apparently the style is called “Romantic abstractism” 🙂 I took a look at his biography and Pavlov was a bit of a child prodigy…his talent was spotted at age 7.

Morning Sunlight by Misti Pavlov

Girl City By Misti Pavlov

Nude Misti Pavlov

This is a quote from Misti Pavlov (Quote from interview extract on

“I like to use my peripheral vision and catch emotions, curves, glances or moods you never see if you look at a woman and she knows you are looking at her,” says Pavlov. “And, when I catch ‘it’ then I am burning with desire to put it on the canvas. I never paint a real woman. I always paint a dream, a mirage that expresses how I felt at the time.”

I feel inspired! Must go off and paint.. if only there was a beautiful woman with me for inspiration!




  1. Not bad the paintings. They really express something that can’t be really pin pointed.

  2. That’s why I love them so much… 🙂

  3. Hello fellow artist. You are truly ispiring.

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