Posted by: eshne | April 11, 2008

Some Sapphic Poetry Favourites

These are just a few of my favourite sapphic poems. I first came across the Sophie Jewett ones in an anthology at college and was delighted – they were the first lesbian themed poems I had ever read and I kept reading them over and over again, indulging what felt like a guilty secret.

Jen’s poetry is gloriously sensuous, and she seems to be writing new poems all the time. “There is Something About A Woman” is only one of many beautiful poems. You can find more on her Awakenings blog.

there is something about a woman

Toulouse Lautrec\'s The Kiss 21

(Jen on Awakenings)

something about the way
my hand slides
along the smooth curve between
her ribs and her hips
and settles along her waist
and curves around to the small of
her back
to pull her closer

something about the way
our lips meet
and pull away
and electricity pulses
and our eyes connect
to share a million secrets
and hands become entangled in hair
and bodies fit against one another
like pieces of a puzzle… (more)


I Speak Your Name

The year is slow to alter or forget;
June’s glow and autumn’s tenderness are met.
Across the months by this swift sunlight spanned,
I speak your name.

Because I loved your golden hair, God set
His sea between our eyes, I may not fret,
For, sure and strong, to meet my soul’s demand,
Comes your soul’s truth, more near than hand in hand;
And low to God, who listens, Margaret,
I speak your name.

(MS 1892, 1910)


Entre Nous

I talk with you of foolish things and wise,
Of persons, places, books, desires and aims,
Yet all our words a silence underlies,
An earnest, vivid thought that neither names.

Ah! what to us were foolish talk or wise?
Were persons, places, books, desires or aims,
Without the deeper sense that underlies,
The sweet encircling thought that neither names?

(MS 1882, 1910)



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