Posted by: eshne | February 26, 2010

Thank You

I have written you a poem, to thank you for the heart you gave to me..

The heart you plucked from between your breasts and held out tenderly.

Thank you for your long held kisses, the moments of calm and beautiful wishes.
Thank you for your treasured stories, your tales of sadness, your weathered storms.
Thank you for the midnight hours, the sexy whispers, the utterings at dawn.
Thank you for your soft caresses, your butterfly touch, your golden tresses.
Thank you for your bravery that beckoned me and kept me warm.
Thank you for your deepening smiles, your energy that ran for miles.
Thank you for the strands of gold you twisted across my furrowed brow.
Thank you for your rose bud lips that woke me oh so gently.
Thank you for your endless kindness, gifts of affection, and passionate love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you from the tips of my toes to the clouds up above.

Posted by: eshne | June 20, 2008

Lena Headey Appreciation Society

Lena Headey close up

I must apologise for my slap dash approach to this blog.  I haven’t posted for a while but in spite of my lacksidasical attitude, my post on Lena Headey rocking my socks has continued to pull in the punters.  I wonder if Lena Headey is aware of the power she has over so many helpless men and women? 🙂  Last time I visited a page about her there was a Google advert alongside the article about “cheating husbands and wives.”  Maybe she is the kind of woman to tempt any stable couple out of monogamy?

If you want to dope yourself to the hilt with images of sexy Lena Headey in tank top pose, strutting her kinky heels or wrapped tight in PVC then no-one can compete with the wonderous Dorothy Surrender’s collection of visually stunning Lena Headey -centric posts.

Lena Headey is a big ‘ole lesbian tease there is no denying it.  She happily plays lesbian roles, luxuriates in tank top attire and has a pout worthy of any Angelina Jolie competition.  Maybe she has been briefed by her agent to appear sexually ambiguous so to appeal to a wider spectrum of Lena lovers.  Or is that just the cynic inside me?  I have to admit that deep down I secretly hope Headey is just paving the way to a long life of public lady love – she’s just playing her cards close to her chest right now.   Right? Hmmm.  A girl can but dream.  ( I sure would like her to accidentally corrupt me.)

Feel free to express your appreciation of the lovely Lena Headey here – you are in good company!


Posted by: eshne | May 6, 2008

Only A Lesbian If From Lesbos?

Sappho Lesbian PoetI’ve just found a hilarious article – Who are the real lesbians? – about a guy who lives on the Greek Island Lesbos (home to the lesbian poet Sappho) who filed a lawsuit on 10 April against the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union with an aim to remove the word “lesbian” from the group’s name.

“It’s not an aggressive act against gay women,” Mr Lambrou said. “Let them visit Lesbos and get married and whatever they like. We just want them to remove the word lesbian from their title.”

In the world of Mr enlightened Lambrou you can only be a Lesbian with an upper-case L if you are “descended from the inhabitants of Lesbos.” If you are not a descendant then it’s lower-case l all the way.

I think the millions of Lesbians (Lesbian with a capital L, how wicked of me!) across the globe may have something to say about Mr Lambrou’s rather out-dated ideas. (And surely it also has ramifications for our much beloved The L Word? l Word just doesn’t work as well does it?!)

It’s taken me years to even semi-embrace the word “lesbian” as a term I use to describe myself – and I still find it doesn’t fit all that comfortably (see rant about when sexual identity can get in the way). But hearing that a silly narrow-minded man in Greece wants to take it away has suddenly made me feel rather protective of it.

I wonder if there is a capital-L Lesbian petition I could sign…. 🙂

Posted by: eshne | April 30, 2008

Lesbian Socks – Am I Missing Something?

I’m always intrigued as to how people end up at my blog, but “Lesbian Socks” – one of today’s search terms has me baffled. Firstly I reckon whoever typed in “lesbian socks” ended up on my site because of the combined power of my Lena Headey rocks my socks post and general posts about lesbian lifestyle. What I do not understand is what that certain person was hoping to find with the search “lesbian socks.” What are lesbian socks? To find out more I did some searching myself, and this is what I found.lesbian socks

1. A link to a list of books on how to knit socks within the Gay & Lesbian category on Amazon (do Gay and Lesbian folk require specific sock patterns?!)

2. A definition of a tube sock lesbian on Urban Dictionary. Quote: A tube sock lesbian is an unatractive lesbian that is very butch. Often seen wearing colored stripped tube socks, walks their wallet on a chain and often has side burns. (Can anyone tell me if this is true?)

3. A video of two socks fashioned into female faces making out to a soundtrack of giggly teenage girls.

None of which really satisfied my quest for clarity. I had hoped that lesbian socks were the focus of a new kind of unusual fetish, similar to feet fetish (as experienced first hand by Miss Curly McDimple) but more hygienic….hmmmm. If you can help me solve this puzzle I’d be grateful for your help! E x

Posted by: eshne | April 21, 2008

Lena Headey Rocks My Socks

Lena Headey has to be the most attractive woman I have never had the pleasure of meeting! Not only does she look fantastic in tank tops or dresses and heels, Lena loves playing fiesty female characters (aka Sarah Connor Chronicles), has no reservations when it comes to playing a lesbian (Imagine Me And You, Bands of Gold), is funny and has a voice that sends the most delicious tingles through my fruity little body.

Lena Headey in black dress and heels

It is thanks to all the similarly crushed out women on YouTube that I have been able indulge this Lena Headey penchant of mine – think I’ve watched all the 30+ videos, but the interviews are my favs. In this one Lena Headey and Piper Perabo are being quizzed by a creepy guy, which doesn’t dampen the chemistry between the two of them. Oh and watch out for Lena’s response when he asks if they think there was enough sex in “Imagine Me & You.”

Posted by: eshne | April 16, 2008

Oil Paintings Of Beautiful Women By Misti Pavlov

These paintings of beautiful women by Misti Pavlov are stunning. I love the realism of the female form pressed up against the abstraction of flowers or pattern. I was surfing Google Images and I came across them on Robin’s InkCharmed blog – so thank you Robin for helping me find these beautiful pictures by Misti Pavlov!

Apparently the style is called “Romantic abstractism” 🙂 I took a look at his biography and Pavlov was a bit of a child prodigy…his talent was spotted at age 7.

Morning Sunlight by Misti Pavlov

Girl City By Misti Pavlov

Nude Misti Pavlov

This is a quote from Misti Pavlov (Quote from interview extract on

“I like to use my peripheral vision and catch emotions, curves, glances or moods you never see if you look at a woman and she knows you are looking at her,” says Pavlov. “And, when I catch ‘it’ then I am burning with desire to put it on the canvas. I never paint a real woman. I always paint a dream, a mirage that expresses how I felt at the time.”

I feel inspired! Must go off and paint.. if only there was a beautiful woman with me for inspiration!


Posted by: eshne | April 11, 2008

A Breathless Place

You take me to a breathless place where thought cannot exist
Only feeling.
Your skin against
My skin.
And I am drowned by the roar of your being.

Each cell pronounces your name.
We move without words, limbs dancing to the tango
Played between our legs,
Our hearts.

Life gasps from you in hot dewy breaths.
I writhe wonderfully under
The arc of your body,
Your voluptuous breasts.

You are not mine
I am not yours.Toulouse-Lautrec The Kiss
For then,
We do not even belong to ourselves.

© Eshne Knight

Posted by: eshne | April 11, 2008

Some Sapphic Poetry Favourites

These are just a few of my favourite sapphic poems. I first came across the Sophie Jewett ones in an anthology at college and was delighted – they were the first lesbian themed poems I had ever read and I kept reading them over and over again, indulging what felt like a guilty secret.

Jen’s poetry is gloriously sensuous, and she seems to be writing new poems all the time. “There is Something About A Woman” is only one of many beautiful poems. You can find more on her Awakenings blog.

there is something about a woman

Toulouse Lautrec\'s The Kiss 21

(Jen on Awakenings)

something about the way
my hand slides
along the smooth curve between
her ribs and her hips
and settles along her waist
and curves around to the small of
her back
to pull her closer

something about the way
our lips meet
and pull away
and electricity pulses
and our eyes connect
to share a million secrets
and hands become entangled in hair
and bodies fit against one another
like pieces of a puzzle… (more)


I Speak Your Name

The year is slow to alter or forget;
June’s glow and autumn’s tenderness are met.
Across the months by this swift sunlight spanned,
I speak your name.

Because I loved your golden hair, God set
His sea between our eyes, I may not fret,
For, sure and strong, to meet my soul’s demand,
Comes your soul’s truth, more near than hand in hand;
And low to God, who listens, Margaret,
I speak your name.

(MS 1892, 1910)


Entre Nous

I talk with you of foolish things and wise,
Of persons, places, books, desires and aims,
Yet all our words a silence underlies,
An earnest, vivid thought that neither names.

Ah! what to us were foolish talk or wise?
Were persons, places, books, desires or aims,
Without the deeper sense that underlies,
The sweet encircling thought that neither names?

(MS 1882, 1910)

Posted by: eshne | April 8, 2008

When Sexual Identity Can Get In The Way

It’s weeks like this that make me want to throw out the whole idea of identity. Who cares about sexual orientation or gender or ethnicity or all of those other tags we put on ourselves and other people. When it comes down to it, love in its purest form it about one person loving another person. All the other things are accessories or labels we use to make ourselves easier to categorise, but they can get completely in the way!

I’ve been with my girlie for a few years now. We’ve had loads of ups and tons of downs. Right now just one of the issues bubbling in the background has to do with identity. We haven’t pushed it out into the open – it’s just on the peripheries itching at my feet.

After much internal tussling I have come to accept and be happy with identifying either as bi-sexual or gay. I’m not a big fan of labels, it’s just sometimes it can make life easier to stick on a label and join the club. My girlfriend has found it tough right from the beginning to even accept she is anything other than straight. Sometimes I find it hilarious. Other times it drives me nuts.

As our lives become more open and honest we’re starting to socialise with more lesbian couples. It’s deliberate on my part as I feel more normal being around other lovers of ladies. However it seems to make her uncomfortable. One minute she’s fine and the next she is shirking away from overly gay social occasions. She hates it when I out myself to friends. I try talking around the situations, how she feels, trying to get her to open up. As yet I’ve had limited success – it’s like a brick wall goes up in her mind when I knock on the door and ask her to let some lesbian identity in.

When it’s just the two of us together we only see ourselves through our own eyes – naked of tags. As soon as we step into the public arena it can feel like other eyes are mentally moving us into one box, compartmentalising our identities. It happens to everyone, all the time. And there is no way of stopping that happening. But there is a way to stop yourself caring.

There, I’ve had my rant 🙂 Oh I do feel better.

Any thoughts about sexual identity etc gratefully received…

E x

Posted by: eshne | March 31, 2008

How Can Invisible Lesbians Become Visible?

I came across an article by Stella Duffy over the weekend called Standing In The Shadows: Invisible Lesbians. Stella Duffy calls for lesbians everywhere to come out and be counted, but I’m in two minds about whether this is something I could do – and unsure about the process.

Stella Duffy urges that “It’s up to all of us to step up, come out and start showing ourselves. Time’s up for the incredible invisible women.”

I’m out to my close friends, and what started being just a few people at work has snow-balled into what feels like the whole company. Lesbian rumours spread quicker than wild fire! Luckily my work life is completely separate to my home life so the Chinese whisper of my sexuality did not reach my family. I was able to tell them myself when I was prepared. So I am out. But I do not openly talk about my girlfriend at work, or advertise my sexuality, so in other ways I suppose I am still in?

I agree with Stella Duffy that as a minority, gay women need to be visible in order to fight for equality, or stand up against discrimination. However, I think for a lot of people coming out can be incredibly complicated and a scary experience. The imagination is a powerful thing, and although I have not yet had to deal with a really bad reaction, it took a huge amount of courage to think I can do this and move things forward in just my personal spheres.

There must be lots of women like me who are out in some parts of their world, and hidden in others. In what parts of the world would Duffy like us to make ourselves visible? Should I be out protesting calling for equal rights, or is not enough that I am challenging every colleague, friend and family member that I out myself to? It would have been useful if Duffy could have been clearer about exactly the shape of this mass “outing.”

As Duffy points out, I too am hugely indebted to the women and men of all sexual orientations, who won for us the freedoms and rights in the West that we frequently take for granted. But does every challenge need to be public to be important?

Other stuff about Stella Duffy I found along the way:

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